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Nine Waters Group

Until 25 years ago, my career was on a traditional professional path. I have a doctorate in psychology focusing on work motivation and was employed as an administration and human resource professional leading government agencies. An astrology reading revealed an unusual divide in my chart between vocation and avocation, and it predicted an impending life changing event. That event turned out to be a weekend workshop on Shamanism, presented by Dr. Michael Harner himself, who I later learned was the foremost authority on shamanism at the time. That weekend workshop was the brainchild of a wise therapist who realized I was having a "spiritual emergency". He recommended that I pick any workshop in the Omega Institute catalog (in Rhineback, NY) rather than taking anti-depressants. I am forever grateful to that therapist.

As revealed in my astrology chart, my life was divided between my career as a human resource professional- I was Director of Human Resources for the State of Delaware and then a Senior Policy Fellow with the Univ. of Mass./Boston, and my avocation- the pursuit of spiritual development, initially through the study of shamanism.

That balance has now shifted in favor of my avocation. I began earnestly studying shamanism, finding some extraordinary teachers, which led to other related areas of spiritual study: drumming, Native American traditions, Reiki, Feng Shui, and hypnotherapy. A life-long student, I am currently continuing my studies in hypnotherapy, sound healing, and shamanism. Additionally, I'm a certified in Moonology, Angel Card Reading, and Card Reading (Tarot and Oracle cards).

I am pleased that I now have the opportunity to have a practice which enables me to use my learning and spiritual tools to help others. Each day, I look forward to assisting individuals in finding "the sweet flow of life's journey." Life can be easier.

Nine Waters Group
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