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About Us


Our Mission

 Huntingdon County Business and Industry's (HCBI) mission is to promote economic development throughout Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. We have a passion for progress and transforming our community into the best environment to start, grow, and expand your business. 

White Earth

Meet The Team

We thank those that have invested in our mission...

Andy Cipar, Jack M. Shuck Agency

Dennie Cramer, Cramer Family Farms & D.C. Self Storage

David Gardner, Huntingdon County Board of Realtors

David Wessels, W.E. Gather & Wildside Productions

Brandon Brown, Sandy Ridge Market

Barbara Covert, Employment & Training, Inc. 

Brad Esposito, East Broad Top Railroad

Tracey Cook, Mutual Benefit Group

Gwendolyn Borger, Bonney Forge Co. & Top's Diner

Scott Ulrich, Mutual Benefit Group

Dr. James Troha, Juniata College

Joseph Myers, Penn Highlands Huntingdon

Virginia Cooper, Retired Recorder & Register

John Cook, The Daily News & Huntingdon Country Club

Thomas Yoder, Borough of Huntingdon Mayor

Larry Burger, Retired Kish Bank Corporation

County Commissioners

President: Cory Sisto     Vice President: Jinny Cooper     Treasurer: Courtney Lang     Secretary: Clay McMath



Board of Directors

      Scott Walls       Jeffrey Thomas       Patrick Reeder

Riverview Business Center

Lots Available!!!
Contact us at 814-506-8287 for more details

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