Huntingdon for the Holidays 
Treat someone special to a gift box filled with local products and services from our Huntingdon County Businesses. Each box will be hand packed, by your HCBI staff, with an array of items that the recipient is sure to love! All boxes will be filled with at least double the retail value of what you paid!!! 
Sales proceeds will go to the creation of a mini grant program to support our small business community.
Please contact our office with any questions or concerns 814-506-8287

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The Huntingdon for the Holidays boxes are provided as is without any guarantees or warranties. In association with the products/services found within the boxes, Huntingdon County Business and Industry, Inc. makes no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, on the products/services within the boxes. All perishable products have a use by date provided by their producer. Huntingdon County Business and Industry, Inc. holds no liability for the misuse or mishandling of the items within the boxes.  Use of the products/services by a user is at the user's risk.
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