MU Fitness Facility to Undergo Changes

Solid Rock

By Kayla Handy

Daily News Staff Writer

Image removed.Within the upcoming months, Snap Fitness, a locally owned franchise, will transition to Solid Rock LLC, becoming a locally owned business at 401 N. Jefferson St., Mount Union, previously Dimoff Plumbing and Heating. Photo by KAYLA HANDY Mount Union area residents will be seeing a “snap” change in fitness centers entering the spring, according to Huntingdon County Building and Industry executive director Bob Reitman.

Last Tuesday, the county commissioners approved a $35,000 Enterprise Zone Loan for Solid Rock LLC, a start-up fitness business that will be owned and operated by Adam and Julie Shawver of Mount Union.

Snap Fitness, a franchise locally owned by Ralph Park, will be transitioning to Solid Rock at the conclusion of the franchise agreement. Reitman is excited to see the new business flourish.

“Solid Rock will be located in a different building,” explained Reitman, “and the new building is in very good shape. The old Snap building was kept in good shape, too, and I believe we will be able to rent it out quickly to someone else.”

Image removed.Snap Fitness, at 1 W. Shirley St. in Mount Union, has served the local area’s fitness needs for approximately eight years. Snap Fitness general manager Adam Shawver will soon transition the business to Solid Rock at a new location to take personal fitness to the next level locally. Photo by KAYLA HANDY The transition of Snap to Solid Rock will include building renovations and a transition process of both exercise equipment and gym memberships. Solid Rock will be located at 401 N. Jefferson St., previously Dimoff Plumbing and Heating. Reitman added he believes the new business will be a great startup.

“It will permit funds that are invested in the community to stay in the community,” he said, “without using franchise agreement to do so.”

Shawver, currently the general manager of Snap, is no stranger to the fitness world. Having worked at Snap since its opening approximately eight years ago, he was humbled to be given the opportunity to take over the franchise at the conclusion of its agreement.

“Snap is a great fitness facility,” he began, “but I felt with the resources available in the community that we could take the fitness center to the next step.”

Born and reared in Mount Union, Shawver’s passion for personal fitness echoes in his day to day life. With a degree in exercise physiology from Slippery Rock University and experience as a professional national body builder, Shawver is looking for the transition of Snap to Solid Rock to go as smooth as possible.

“I love what we have now and Snap is such a beneficial part of this community,” he said, “and I thank Ralph for bringing it here. He did a wonderful thing bringing Snap to the community and I am just looking to further it.”

The new location will include a larger parking lot and building renovations that will adapt to fit the needs of the gym membership. There will be an addition of senior exercise classes, recreational activities and a larger set-up area for free weights, lifting equipment and additional room for group fitness classes. All of the current Snap gym equipment will be transitioned to the new location, and memberships at Snap will continue until the complete transition and opening of Solid Rock.

“The goal of the transition is to reach all populations within the community and offer services that are going to help the beginner, the athlete who is looking to increase his performance and the senior looking to keep his independence and gain his strength,” he added.

“I do a lot based on my faith,” said Shawver. “This looked like an opportunity to jump forward. When I talk about Solid Rock, I talk about where my faith is at. We all have choices and exercise is a choice, a choice that if you make it for yourself you increase the quality of your life.”

Shawver explained how the very name of the new fitness center not only incorporates his passion for fitness, but his devotion to his faith.

“There’s a story in the Bible about two men and how one builds his house real quick and builds it on sand and the other one man takes his time and builds his house on rock,” he began. “When a storm comes through, the house built on sand blows away while the one build on rock is solid. You can see this comparison on your physical body as well, how if you invest time within your body and you do what’s right, it gives you a better life.”

With more changes to come, Shawver is thankful to Reitman and HCBI members who helped him with the EZ loan and will continue to aid him through the transition process. Most importantly, he is thankful for the opportunity to soon welcome Solid Rock to the Mount Union community.

“There is a lot of stuff before us,” concluded Shawver, “but we just have to go right for it, and go at it with whatever you got.”

More information on the transition process and closing/ opening dates of the two fitness centers will be released at a further date.

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